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7.9.88 1-2 am - vision:

A yellow ocean breaks upon a weird & dismal shore: A world seen through roiling yellow clouds of gas. It is a hot and dusty world, like the plains of Afrika. A sensation of moving/flying down a dusty road through a vista of windmills turning, tall, yellow like termite mounds, black like oil wells. Promontories are topped by strange castles with marble hallways & balustrades that overlook the darkling plain, the distant mountains of an alien world. Consciousness drills through, but it is not human, not mammalian, with our soft concerns.

July 15-16-17: 100 1 + heat wave, with more than 13 days of 90 1 +,  104 1 on the 16th officially

July 23rd: beginning of another heat wave, due to break 100 1 (SSS concert)

Aug 9: news item about a 7 ft, scaly "Lizard man" who has been sighted in the Carolina swamps

Channeling LAM: Feb 4-5-6, 1989

An entity - the last of his race - from the Pleiades. He misses the hot planet, the orange mists, the dryness. There is great longing for contact & loneliness. One side of the planet is eternally facing the sun, the other is moist, miasmic, dark, but not entirely cold, because of the thick & active atmosphere, & the continual volcanic activity of the planet=s core. Humans are somewhat amazing, with their quick and thoughtless movements, the warmth of their bodies - LAM=s is smooth & cool as stone. He misses the high culture of his last home.

Dream, 2.22.82, early morning:

  • Standing at living room window at 816 S. Negley, in the West, first saw the moon, huge, misty, green, seeming on reflection to have continents. It was not bright, as our moon, but with a dull green glow.
  • Then saw another moon, black seas, day-glow orange, red, yellow continents, moving very fast & in from of first moon.
  • Then a planet appeared. Also black seas, curious flower-shaped continents of yellow, pink, blue, lavender.
  • Upon awakening, felt I had been in some other planetary system, on a "sister" planet, with this structure: "A" is a moon revolving around "X" (earth?). "C" is the other planet in this binary system, with "B" looping figure-eight around both.
  • Is planet "C" colonizing us ("X") with their Moon, "B"?!

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