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Excerpts from a letter to Peter Koenig . . .

New Moon, August 1995 e.v., Pittsburgh

Dear Peter, 93!

Thank you for your recent letter  . . .

The questions you posed regarding the HGA in your letter are interesting, and I've given them much thought these last few weeks. ABRAMELIN is certainly an interesting and powerful work, to be taken in dead seriousness and with all caution, for I believe that after embarking on that working, there is truly no turning back. Did I ever send you my paper on "Starmagick"? I have recently received some intimations re the origins of the HGA that I discuss there, and I think my intuitions must lie very close to what might be of interest to the work of the OTOA:

"For long ages have the Loa stood as Inner Contacts, which connect human consciousness with the Stellar Current -- with the Current of LAM the terrestrial link.....Time out of mind, the Loa first rayed to earth, infiltrating our planet as star-seed from Outside, seeking immortality. Thus the Loa entering human space-time at the Point of Crossing, Tiphareth, seeded life on Terra with consciousness of Self by which each sentient being experiences itself as distinct, and as divine..."

"The Loa stand in relation to beings more vast and more mysterious: the Outer Contacts, the 'Pre-eval Nephilim', Gods of the Shadow . . . who pre-figure the ancient Loa. These, the Old Ones, . . . eternally time-traveling from star-system to star-system via transmission and mutation of information anciently encoded in sentient strands of DNA, first pushed life on Terra toward forms more like themselves. And in their progress from star to distant star, . . . left behind . . . seeds of consciousness . . . "

"Human personality and dayside awareness are but luminous flecks upon the vast ocean of primordial consciousness which is dark, shadowed, hidden, . . . our birth right as beings seeded from the stars, . . . "

So, for me, the HGA is mysterious and deep, best approached by waiting, in silence, and in "absence". I feel that many people think of their HGA as relating to dayside ego-consciousness, which is certainly important - one must have an integrated personality before one can safely pursue the magickal path - but this is really only a starting-point to communion with the HGA something that is whole, transcendent, and truly "other". It is not of the personal ego, which, when fully realized, can be understood as the existential "centaur" phase of psychological development, but the HGA is of the transpersonal ego, that part of us which reincarnates from existence to existence, the immortal, the eternal Self that lay behind the ever-changing personal masks, and our link to that first sentient stellar stream of consciousness that seeded our race, and ever seeks to draw us outward to itself.

In seeding human consciousness with this ability to link with stellar consciousness, providing for their own immortality, the Loa also provided the ability to form a direct link, which is the experience of the "Knowledge and Conversation" of the HGA. "Who" do we connect with exactly when we do this? AC felt that Aiwass was his own personal HGA, and KG has said as much of Aossic it probably has much to do with one's magickal capacity, but at the very least, there is a feeling of "otherness" of alienness. It is not that one has come truly in touch with one's innermost self, but that one has touched an emptiness, a loving acceptance, the vastness of the sea, a omniscience, a "knowing", which is humbling, but at the same moment, heartening, one breathes a sigh of release, one has "come home". It seems to me that the individual is particularized, or "belongs", to the HGA, and not the other way around, and that their vastness might encompass many. The feeling of individuality and uniqueness, I think comes from the loving acceptance, the feeling of rightness and destiny imparted, so that each person who has achieved the K & C realizes that they have "no right" but to do their Will, however fortunate or unfortunate that may turn out to be in relation to judgments of the mundane world.

The Loa are certainly humankind's benefactors in this, but it was those great transmundane intelligences, in their time-traveling, who first seeded terra with DNA, and I believe the Loa must have their own legends and beliefs concerning these interdimensional beings, the Ancient Ones, and they stand in relation to the Loa, as the Loa themselves stand in relation to the human race. LAM, Aiwass, etc. seem to be of this order of being. Kenneth Grant, in Hecate's Fountain, page 241, implies that Aiwaz, Lam, and Aossic, are natives to the Aeons of Maat, Ma-Ion, and Meon, respectively, which would give Aiwaz a broader scope, with Lam associated with the "Daughter" aspect, and Aossic having to do more with Daathian aspects. To me, it feels as if Aiwass has "withdrawn", and it is LAM who is currently concerned with shaping the evolution of beings on this planet. . .

Until next time,

Love Is the Law, Love Under Will.



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