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Human personality and dayside awareness are but luminous flecks upon the vast ocean of primordial consciousness which is dark, shadowed, hidden, yet which contains all possibility within itself, and has the power to birth all possible worlds.

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A Wicked Pack of Cards: The Origins of the Occult Tarot - Ronald Decker, et al Hermetic Alchemical Order Of QBLH
A History of the Occult Tarot: 1870-1970 - Ronald Decker, Michael Dummett (Hardcover - November 2002)

Tarot & Magick - Donald Michael Kraig, Mary K. Greer; Paperback

Modern Sex Magick - Donald Michael Kraig, Linda Falorio, Nema, Tara 

Wings Of Rapture - Nema

[ Cover Art for Typhonian Teratomas ]Typhonian Teratomas: The Shadow of the Abyss by Mishlen

The Faces of Babalon - Mishlen, Linda Falorio, Soror Chen, Nema, Raven Greywalker.

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